About Me


I am an educator, scholar, writer, and activist living in Southern California. I teach in the Social & Cultural Analysis of Education (SCAE) graduate program at CSULB. I am the 2014 recipient of the Advancement of Women Award given by the President’s Commission on the Status of Women at California State University Long Beach.

In my freelance writing and pubic speaking I provide critical analysis on topics concerning power, politics, justice, feminism, sexual assault prevention, street harassment, education, activism, and social media.

My academic research is on gender, cities, and justice. I focus on how social media is used to document and share experiences in public space, examining connections between on-line and on-the-ground social movement activity, and exploring how community planners and organizers can use this information to understand and address complex urban problems.

My past professional experience includes many years working as a jury consultant and a political messaging strategist. During that time I conducted pre-trial focus group research for medical malpractice, contract, environmental, and discrimination cases in more than 30 states. I speak about the fundamentals of jury consulting with law and politics classes.

I’m the former managing editor of Critical Planning Journal, and a past fellow with The OpEd Project. I have graduate degrees in both Political Science and Education, and I am a PhD candidate in Urban Planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @bellhookedme.

Contact: nina.flores@gmail.com.

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