#100DaysofJustice is an ongoing campaign started by students and faculty in the Social & Cultural Analysis of Education graduate program at California State University Long Beach in the spring of 2014. The campaign was modeled after similar #100DaysofHappy and #100DaysofGratitude campaigns, and meant to be a platform for taking daily actions and posting justice-related content to social media.

Now, three years later, #100DaysofJustice takes on new meaning with the Trump presidency. Use the hashtag each day (i.e. #100DaysofJustice Day One) to share your work, articles, music, quotes, photos, videos, and more. The issues so many of us fight for and the struggles we support existed long before — and will likely still exist long after — Trump’s presidency. Actions based solely on resisting him fall short of what is needed to reject and resist the systems that allow injustices based on race, class, sex, gender, sexuality, ability, immigration status, nationality, age, religion, and more. Do we need resistance to his actions and policy agenda? Of course. But let’s always try to tie that resistance to a larger agenda that will move us closer to the justice we seek no matter who is President.100daysofjustice