Stop Erasing Women from Conversations About Their Health


Here is one example of how women are removed from national discussions concerning their health. After the stunning supreme court contraceptives ruling this morning, journalists began sounding off on its implications.

The focus of this and many other articles: “This ruling is a setback for the health care law.”

But what would it look like if we recognized women in this conversation? This ruling is a setback for women because it treats them as second class citizens whose rights to legally mandated health coverage (and what else?) have been denied.


Make that 63 Campuses…


The number of schools with open Title IX complaints continues to grow.

Video of three male students assaulting a female student is passed around James Madison University school administrators offer this punishment to the perpetrators — expulsion after graduation.

That’s right. So if a campus police officer happens to recognize one of the men on campus after their graduation, the “punishment” will be enforced.