Professors Organize to Support survivors, Faculty Against Rape (FAR)


I have a new piece up at the Huffington Post today about the launch of Faculty Against Rape (FAR), a new national organization. 

FAR’s three main goals include developing resources for faculty to better serve survivors, helping faculty who want to be part of the anti-rape movement organize on campus, and providing strategy and legal resources for faculty who are retaliated against by administrations.

Beyond how-to guides for filing Title IX and Clery Act complaints, the site also includes classroom resources such as articles about professor experiences with students who disclose sexual assaults, and a sexual violence response guide. An anti-sexual misconduct toolkit contains links to activities for supporting classroom discussions about assault, tips on presenting sexual violence issues to students, background information, statistics, and more.

Make that 63 Campuses…


The number of schools with open Title IX complaints continues to grow.

Video of three male students assaulting a female student is passed around James Madison University school administrators offer this punishment to the perpetrators — expulsion after graduation.

That’s right. So if a campus police officer happens to recognize one of the men on campus after their graduation, the “punishment” will be enforced.