Daily Political Decisions…


Increasingly I hear people write off the need to be informed–even on a basic level–with statements like “the news is too depressing,” or “oh, I’m not political.” There’s a difference between just not paying attention, and honestly believing that you are neutral or somehow immune to making political decisions in your everyday life.
Do you watch news that intentionally uses the words liberal or conservative as derogatory terms? This is a political choice. Using the words ‘illegal alien’ or ‘undocumented immigrant’ is a political choice. How you think about marriage is a political choice. Choosing to remain silent (as opposed to being silenced) when you hear misinformation is a political choice.

Our politics is not limited to the divisive right-left, democrat-republican, politician-driven pettiness we’re fed on a daily basis. It’s personal, and it’s created and reinforced by the decisions we make every single day.